Our Case Studies

At Mr Lift It we have assisted our customers on a wide range of projects big and small, in the air and underground. sStock standard installations as well as unique and challenging projects.

Nothing is too challenging for us as we go beyond our customers expectations to service their needs. In many cases we have made recommendations and provided solutions to our clients. Our case study examples below attest to this.

Rail Transport

In order to have the equipment that our customer purchased from us up and running in the shortest possible time frame we:

  • ensured that a pump was working to maximum efficiency,
  • filled and bled the hoses to ensure there were no air-bubbles trapped in the hoses to enable smooth and trouble free operation from the start.
  • As we knew that the pump was to be mobile, we searched to find a trolley that would best suit the application and the environment it was to be used in.
  • The electric pump was also PAT tested & tagged prior to being delivered to our client.

Trucking & Machinery Servicing Industry

We were called on to repair a hoist for a new customer. While we were repairing the hoist we cleared away years of grease and grime from the unit. Prompting our to ask if a new unit had been purchased.

Supply of Electric Chain Hoist

To ensure that the machinery was being properly serviced and maintained, we fitted a meter to a new electric chain hoist installed by us. This accurately allows the customer to determine, the operating hours of the hoist for servicing requirements between calendar services.